Our Unique & Reliable

Raglan Drilling’s diverse services cover the standard land-based RAB/Aircore, Reverse Circulation and Diamond drilling as well as offering the capability to undertake drilling on salt lakes with our specialised low-ground pressure rigs and support vehicles.

RC Drilling

  • RC drilling to 800m
  • Large air packs, 1000 psi/2000 cfm
  • Automated rod handling
  • Hands free breakouts
  • Dust suppression
  • Down hole Gyro surveying
  • Excellent deviation control
  • Remote workshop facilities
  • Remote accommodation facilities

Diamond Drilling

  • PQ, HQ and NQ sized core
  • Diamond Coring to 1200m HQ and 1800m NQ
  • Geotechnical coring PQ3, HQ3 and NQ3 sizes
  • Mud Rotary
  • Directional & controlled drilling
  • Downhole installations (monitoring bores, piezometers, packer testing etc)

Air Core/RAB Drilling

  • Drilling to 200m
  • Blade and hammer capability
  • Dust suppression
  • Tilting rod bin
  • Small footprint, low impact
  • Cost effective first pass drilling
  • Self-sufficient camp and fuel facilities

Auger Drilling

  • Drilling to 40m
  • Landcruiser mounted
  • Small footprint
  • Cost effective first pass drilling

Salt Lake Drilling

  • Air core, RC and Diamond solutions
  • 6 x low psi interchangeable crawler based carriers for hauling water, fuel, auxiliary air packages across lake terrances
  • 3 x brand new Argo Conquests for people moving, sample and drill core cartage
  • Small footprint excavator for digging sumps and rehabbing lake surface

Remote Camping

  • Raglan Drilling has the capability to supply a complete remote camp set with either Explorex type caravans or transportable buildings


Our current fleet
of rigs

Raglan Drilling has a fleet of 12 rigs, with capacity to change between truck and crawler based carriers. The Raglan Drilling fleet is maintained by a skilled and dedicated team of drill rig fitters.
At Raglan Drilling, we are constantly reviewing and improving our fleet of rigs and support equipment.
After every drill programme our rigs return to the yard for a full maintenance and safety check with our highly qualified workshop team to ensure safety and productivity for the next job.
Improvement and innovation are in our DNA and we love a challenge. We will always find a way to overcome difficult site access and do it safely. With the ability to change from truck based to crawler based in hours, enabling us to provide a faster service to those in difficult exploration areas.

Reverse Circulation



Auger Drilling

Saltlake Drilling

Remote Camping